Regnum - Baronial Officers


Baronet. Work in Progress

Appointed by the Crowns, the Baron and/or Baroness acts as the local representatives of the Crown, reflecting the reigning Crown's will and authority in the barony. The Baron and/or Baroness also has the authority to bestow awards upon any they deem fit as well as hold court.

Baron:      Baron Æduin Hacke (Eddie the Hack)

Baroness: Baroness Deborah of Haleshaven

               coronets @

For award recommendations, please fill out and submit this form.



The Seneschal is the chief administrative officer and legal representative of the Barony.

Seneschal: Mistress Taya de Montgomery, seneschal @

Deputy Seneschal:



The Herald coordinates several areas of activity. Book heraldry involves helping people research unique names and devices for their personae. Field heraldry coordinates the heraldic display, and the precedence, arrangement and announcement of matches on a tournament field. Criers make announcements during events. Court heraldry requires knowledge of the conduct of Royal courts, proper use of titles, bizarre name pronouncement, etiquette, and enough pizzazz to stand before a large group of hungry, tired people and delight them with your charm, yet not outshine the Royals. Good luck.

Herald: Phlorianos Kavallarios (Florian), herald @

Deputy Herald:  vacant

Knight's Marshal

Knight's Marshall

The Knight Marshal is responsible for all fighting-related activities in the Barony. This includes making sure that new fighters are safely and properly trained and authorized. They also see that there are marshals available to supervise during events, demos, etc.

Marshal: Sir Briar Kievich, marshal @

Deputy Marshal: Karsas Sarmatea

Youth Marshal: Inge

Rapier Marshal: Maerwynn uxor Floriani



The Exchequer is the Baronial Treasurer. This office is responsible for maintaining the Baronial accounts and keeping track of all money handled by the Barony.

Officer: Giovanna diCorlionne, exchequer @

Deputy: Eugenie Griffon de Seleone

Arts & Sciences

Minister of Arts and Sciences

The Minister of Arts and Sciences encourages local artists, and lets the Kingdom know what our artisans are doing. The Minister of A&S is good person to contact when looking for local A&S resources, or looking for someone who has knowledge of or skill with a specific art.

Officer: Maria Elena Kalderash, artsandsciences @

Deputy: Astridr Sparka, artsandsciences @

Please fill out and submit this form to report your A & S projects.



The Chronicler's traditional duty has been the publication of the Baronial newsletter, "A Sealion's Tale". The Deputy chronicler's duty is to berate Baronial members who do not submit articles, prose, comic, artwork, song, poetry or other printable materials for publication.

Chronicler: Grimbjorn, chronicler @

Deputy Chronicler:


. Chatelaine

The Chatelaine is the Barony's "Welcome Wagon." This Officer tries to make sure that new members are aware of local, Kingdom, and Society-wide customs; when and where things are happening; and that they have suitable garb for attending events. To this end, the Chatelaine has an inventory of loaner garb that has been donated for the use of new members until they are able to acquire their own.

Officer: Astridr Geit Buandi, (please contact through FB as Astridr Geit Buandi) .


Minister of Children

Minister of Children

The Minister of Children organizes children's activities at events. This officer might also be called upon for ideas for demos at schools or other venues with a high percentage of minors.





The historian records the events and happenings that effect the barony, in scrapbooks, photo albums, on video and in writing. This officer works hand in hand with the Heralds to keep track of awards given to groups and populace of the Barony.

Officer: Dediana duCorwyn


Web Minister

Web Minister

The web minister is in charge of maintaining the Baronial Website, moderating the e-list when necessary and electronically distributing A Sealion's tale. Current knowledge of web-design and web-publishing languages is essential for this position.

Officer: Lady Jehanne Darc de la Coste,  webminister @

Deputy: .



The Steward keeps track of the Baronial stuff. Over the years, quite a bit of stuff has been accumulated, including a trailer in which to haul and store the Baronial stuff. If you are running an event and need something, please ask this officer if we have it before buying a new one.

Officer: Odrán Fhionn


Camp Master

Camp Master

The camp master is in charge of the allocation, set up and placement of tents in Baronial camp sites, including food tents. This does not mean that the camp master will set up your tent, although they may very well take it down, if you put it somewhere it ought not to be. All members of the Barony wishing to stay in camp should check in with the camp master. The camp master may also be in charge of coordinating group meals at wars.

Officer: Gunnulf Hvitaskeggr (please contact through Facebook)

Deputy: Lady Jehanne Darc de la Coste



The constable is in charge of site safety and security, parking at events and the handling of lost & found items at events.

Officer: Mistress Taya de Montgomery (as Seneschal)


Arrange a Demo

Ellyn Heath sits amid a variety of Seleone's medieval musical instruments at the Highlands & Islands Festival. Pictured are european and middle-eastern drums, harps, and of course: all the bells and whistles.

Demonstrations can be tailored to meet a certain age or interest group, depending on the length of time and amount of space available. Demonstrations are popular for classes studying the dark ages, medieval or renaissance history, we can cover topics such as chivalry, knights and armor, careers and education in the middle ages and everyday life and society.

To request a demo, please contact our Chatelaine or Seneschal.

Due to the volunteer nature of our organization, not all demonstrable aspects of the SCA are available at all times. If you have special requests for things you would like to see, please let us know. Please be aware that fighting demos are loud and require a large open space. Cooking demos may also require outdoor space or kitchen facilites.


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