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Upcoming Events

The Peerage Banners of Clan Gambit fly in the breeze over their campsite at King's Arrow Ranch.

Local Events

Please see the link below for the kingdom's calendar and events page.


Kingdom and Other

For a comprehensive list of Kingdom events with links to the event fliers, please visit The Kingdom of Gleann Abhann's calendar and events page.

Regularly Scheduled Activities

A colorful flurry of swords and tabards at the beginning of a youth fighters melee combat.

Business Meeting

Business meetings are our monthly meetings to discuss current activities and business issues of concern to our barony. Everyone is welcome to attend.

3rd Thursdays 6:30 P.M., every month

Business meetings are currently taking place at the Herbert Wilson Recreational Center.

Contact: Mistress Taya de Montgomery,

Eddie the Hack takes a knee to catch a breather between fights.

Second Sunday Social

    On the second Sunday of each month during the summer, unless there is a local event, the people of Seleone celebrate with fighter practice and a social at Broken Oaks starting at around noon, in lieu of our other regularly scheduled activities.

Heavy Weapons  (armored combat)

These are our heavy armored combat practices. We also sometimes have practice for combat archery and melees at these times.

    Contact: Sir Briar, marshal @

Sunday 2pm at Broken Oaks  (Youth Combat as well as Heavy Combat is also available during these practices)

    Contact:  Syr Loric Silvestris 

    Broken Oaks telephone number: 228- 832- 7404

Light Weapons (fencing and rapier)

At Broken Oaks 

Seleone scribes and illuminators paint scrolls for the Twelfth Night Christmas Feast.

Dance Class and Musical Arts - Postponed Due to Covid for now, please check back for updates

Middle Eastern Dance - European Dance 

Dance: 4th Mondays

On months with a 5th Monday, there will be a potluck feast with dancing and live music. 

Practicing groups and topics may vary, please call to confirm schedule.

Held at St. Patrick's Episcopal Church, 310 N. Cleveland Avenue, Long Beach, MS  

Arts and Sciences Classes


A&S meeting schedules fluctuate and are usually on a selected weekend.
Location and topics and times will vary so please call to confirm schedule.
    Contact: Maria Elena Kalderesh 228- 493- 4532

Herbal Guild and Sages of Seleone

Historical use of plants and herbs, for cooking, health and pleasure.

    Contact: Maria Elena Kalderesh 228- 476- 4886

Project Night and Sewing Circle

Tuesday nights, 7:00 P.M. at Broken Oaks.

    Broken Oaks telephone number: 228- 832- 7404

Thank you to those lending assistance following Hurricane Katrina

Baroness Daphne of Colchester and Baron Thaddeus of Camberwell seated on the baronial thrones with their two Irish Wolfhounds: Caeser and Pharoah

Good Greetings Unto All Great Gentles of the Known World are sent from Baron Thaddeus of Camberwell and Baroness Daphne of Colchester, Baron and Baroness of Seleone, in the Principality of Gleann Abhann, in the Kingdom of Meridies, during the times in and around the landfall of Hurricane Katrina.

Fellow Scadians,
Our Hearts will never be able to let the Known World know how much the response to Hurricane Katrina has meant to those of us along the Gulf Coast. The outpouring of support and offers has been overwhelming and humbling. We have set up a yurt in the backyard of the home we are staying at, to house the supplies that have been sent down from all over the Kingdoms. We have been able to drop off supplies to many who are not able to travel. The generosity shown by those who have donated supplies, time and muscle to help out their fellow Scadians shows what true chivalry is all about. Several of our Barony are without homes, some have severe damage to their homes, others have had their employment affected, etc. We have had some need to leave us for far away places and we shall miss them. We have been most fortunate to not have lost the life of any in our Barony. For this alone we feel so very thankful. Our sister Barony, Axemoor has good gentles that are just now able to return to their homes to see what state they may be in. Please keep them in your thoughts.

Seleone recently held a meeting and had to make the hard decision of admitting to being unable to host Gleann Abhann's First Coronation. We truly appreciate the support we have received from the Lord and Lady Heirs of Gleann Abhann in making this decision, as well as, other gentles in Gleann Abhann. We can assure you it was not an easy thing to do, especially for Daphne, but we wanted what was best for Gleann Abhann. We have the utmost confidence in Countess Lailiane and thank her for stepping up to the plate as autocrat for this auspicious occasion.

We would beg your indulgence in thanking a few good gentles who standout in their service to this Barony during these trying times. THL Jessimond of Emerickeskepe, who spent many hours chasing down members of the Barony, via the phone, so that their loved ones would know if they were safe or not. While she lives in Atlantia at this time, she has always been a part of Seleone. Rian Fitzpatryck, who traveled many a road delivering food and water to many the first few weeks. We shall miss him as he goes to the northern lands. Mistress Taya de Montgomery who checked on us again and again and helped to keep us sane. Lord AEdiun the Hacke who has helped the Barony with supplies and his electrical talents. Lord James Guy of Bothwell for rescuing House Gambit and bringing us to his home. Finally, to Baroness Dediana du Corwyn and Roger the Smith for allowing us to stay along with our 4 cats and 3 dogs. Considering our eccentricities, you are truly the bravest of the brave.

There are many others to thank and in time we shall make effort to do so. Please keep us in your thoughts and know that the Known World is in ours.

In Service to Kingdom and Crown,
Thaddeus and Daphne
Baron and Baroness of Seleone


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