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A Sealion's Tale is the official, monthly, publication of the Barony of Seleone. It is published as a service to the populace of Seleone and is FREE to all of our local members. To subscribe to the mailed version of A Sealion's Tale contact the chronicler on our contacts page or check out our e-group as noted in the Local Interest Newsgroups section below.

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A Sealion's Tale

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The History of the Canton of Seleone

In A.S. XIII at Axemoor Baronial Investiture (12/2/78) Beorn Collenfehrth, founding Baron of Axemoor, approached Finn and Isolde about forming a group. In 1979 Seleone was formed as a canton of Axemoor.

Seleone was elevated from a canton to a shire in January of AS XXVII (1983). On January 24th AS XXXII (1998) Seleone was elevated to Barony status creating Isolde de Graue & Finn Normanson as founding Baron and Baroness Seleone. They would remain on the baronial thrones until March 19 AS XXXVIII (2004) when Baroness Daphne of Colchester and Baron Thaddeus of Camberwell (called Bagshi) would be invested. Daphne and Thaddeus would be followed by the current sitting Baron, Morgan of Osprey in February of XLI (2007).

Baronial By-Laws

This is the most current copy of the Baronial by-laws that I could find. Any discrepancy between the electronic version offered here and the most current printed version that is available from the Senechal's office will be decided in favor of the printed version.


Arts and Sciences

Image Library:

The Vintage Tales of Viking Vineyards - Finn Normansson

A history of Seleone (and early Axemoor) from the perspective of our own Master Finn Normansson, with additional recollections and subjects tossed in for good measure. The Vintage Tales first appeared in printed issues of The Sealion's Tale, the newsletter of the Barony of Seleone.

Many of these Tales were recently recovered after being lost in the storm. Thank you to Lady Bailey Rose Marsh and Aelfwina of Shrewsbury for bringing them back from the dark side, for everyone's reading enjoyment.

The Wanderings of a Wayward Saxon are the tales of Master Morgan of Osprey's outrageous and sublime experiences in the SCA. While they originated around campfires and feast tables, they have been put to pen and ink (and pixils) by Morgan of Osprey for your enjoyment. With apologies to the SCA standard disclaimer... any discrepancies between the electronic version, the campfire versions as told by Morgan and the actual truth will be decided in favor of the most entertaining version.

The Kitchen

Eugenie Griffon de Seleone crushes mustard seed in a pestle at the Ocean Springs Ren Faire.

Xenia's Middle Eastern Delights - Xenia Hurrim

A collection of delightful tales and taste-tempting Middle Eastern delights from our very own Xenia Hurrem. Follow her travels throughout the Steppes and satisfy your hunger for something exotic.

Bardic Circle

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