Arts & Sciences

There is so much to entertain in the Society of Creative Anachronism. The arts and sciences are no different. If you have a passion for learning how to create something, I bet there is someone out there that is already doing it. The subjects of candle-making, spinning, weaving, leather-work, casting, blacksmithing, costuming, brewing, apothecary, dance, song, playing an instrument, painting, illumination, bead-making, wood-working, etc... the list literally goes on and on. The Barony of Seleone does not falter when it comes to pursuing forms of A&S.

Below are highlights to showcase the talents of our populous members.

Fiber Arts

Fiber arts is a very popular form of A&S in the SCA. There are many forms of fiber arts from costuming and embroidery to spinning your own yarn and thread on a spinning wheel. Mistress Isolde de Graue aus dem Lebendhertz is a professional costumer and is a Laurel in the SCA for her costuming. She also enjoys spinning fibers into yarn on her spinning wheels, and needlepoint.
THL Inigo Juliano Montoya de Castille enjoys the precision that embroidery requires. He enjoys teaching those willing to sit down, have a glass of rum, and curse the work that which he makes.
Lady Anahita Pari enjoys making garb and block printing. She often teaches classes on how to block print fabrics and sewing Persian and Rus garb.


Ah, yes, the art of brewing. The sweet sensation that humanity has treasured since fermentation was discovered. The delightful souls that keep our Barony and its sanity in check with the nectar of the gods.

Master Finn Normansson is also a Laurel and is renowned for his vinting. His wines are full of flavor, passion, and inspiration. He is always happy to teach and help others improve their vinting abilities and expand their knowledge.

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Period Camp Life

Some members of our Barony enjoy recreating the lifestyle of the times. THL Inigo Juliano Montoya de Castille is pictured here with some of his craftsmanship. He has re-created medieval quatrefoil folding chairs, beds, chests, tables, shelves, and a Nordic cooking A-frame. His wife, Lady Róis de Ho, practices cooking medieval recipes that she researches, food preservation, and herbal remedies. Their children are involved with set-up, break-down, and maintenance of the campsite. They are always happy to teach others that wish to learn about running a medieval campsite.


Sir Loric Sylvestris is a Laurel in the art of casting. He casts various metals into intricate designs for jewelry, buckles, pins, broaches, and more. His work can be dangerous as he is working with molten metals. His work takes concentration and a steady hand.


Bardic encompasses the musical arts, song, dance, and storytelling. Every good event needs time for song, dance, music, and merry-making. Bards enjoy being part of the entertainment in one way or another and bring pleasure to many through their specific arts.
Master Finn Normansson enjoys storytelling as his form of bardic art. He is known for his enthusiastic telling of his tales during feast at events.
Mistress Isolde de Graue aus dem Lebendhertz is a singer and dancer of wide renown. Her areas of interest and expertise include song, all forms of dances of the Middle Ages from English to Russian, Mid Eastern dances, and Al Andalus dances. She has taught many technique classes at events and enjoys performing at demonstrations.
Lady Róis de Ho's bardic arts are song and dance. She has been an Irish step dancer since she was a child and enjoys teaching people of all ages. She has been learning dances of the Middle Ages, Al Andalus, and Mid Eastern dances since she joined the SCA in 2012. She enjoys performing and teaching at events and demonstrations.  She has also learned songs in Spanish, Gaelic, and Norse.
Photos credited to: Lady Róis de Ho, THL Inigo Juliano Montoya de Castille, and Mistress Danielle de la Roche
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