Baronial Awards
The Baronage shall, at their pleasure, recognize the accomplishments and efforts of the populace of Seleone and its Cantons. Any member of the Barony can give written recommendation for an individual to be considered for an award to the Baronage at any time. Final approval of an award is the Baronage’s prerogative.

Golden Sea Lion

Praiseworthy are those within the Great Barony who have served with honor and courtesy. We, Baron and Baroness of Seleone therefore wish to recognize a treasured member of Our Barony for long and heartfelt service to the people of Seleone by inducting "name" into the Order of the Golden Sealion. We furthermore ask that you continue to be a model of service to all.

Award of Arms is given with this award.

Citizen of Seleone

Let all men know by these presents that one while not a subject of this Great Barony one has earned Our esteem by her deeds benefiting Seleone and Our people. Therefore We are pleased to welcome (recipient’s name) as a Citizen of The Barony of Seleone. We are secure in the knowledge that so long as this good gentle lives and inspires others by example, so shall Seleone be nurtured and prosper.

Order of the Pearl

Celebrated are those within the Great Barony whose talent and enthusiasm are balanced with a willingness to share their knowledge of the arts and sciences. We, Baron and Baroness of Seleone therefore wish to recognize the talents of "name" by inducting them into the Order of the Pearl. We furthermore ask that they continue to grow in skill and knowledge.

Sea Lion’s Cub

Praiseworthy are the children within our Great Barony who have served with honor and courtesy. We therefore wish to recognize for their steadfast service to the people of Seleone by inducting them into the Order of the Sealion’s Cub. We furthermore ask that they continue to be a model of service to all.

Normansson’s Blade

The Bow, The Axe and The Blade are but a few of the skills displayed in the field of live weapons. There are those whose interest in live weapons has come to our notice through their skill or dedication to these marshal arts. In recognition and in tribute to the First Baron of Seleone, We Baron and Baroness of Seleone, induct "name" into the Order of Normansson’s Blade. We ask that you continue to sharpen your skills in the name of the Barony.

Sea Lion’s Ram

A Great Barony's strength is the diligence of its populace in service to itself and others. We Baron and Baroness of Seleone are ever mindful of this. There are those among us who extend their labor and service far beyond the confines of our Baronial borders for the greater good of Gleann Abhann, thereby increasing the glory of our Barony. In recognition of their actions and deeds, it pleases us to bestow the Sealion's Ram unto (recipient’s name) and task them with continued service to Gleann Abhann.

Chariot’s Wheel

Being aware how travel beyond the boundaries of our Great Barony can foster closer ties with the Known World and opportunities for education and enrichment for members of the Barony, We are pleased to bestow upon the Order of the Chariot’s Wheel. Given in recognition for their travels and efforts.

Isolde’s Grace

There are those among us whose dedication to the creation of our Dream enhances our world. Contributions of Courtly Grace and Spirit of Persona enrich our Barony. Be it known that through deeds of notice that "name" enhances Seleone by their actions. In recognition of this and in tribute to the First Baroness of Seleone, We Morgan and Eugenie, Thegn and Baroness of Seleone, induct "name" into the Order of Isolde’s Grace.

Order of Silvestris’ Sword and Shield

Chivalry and Prowess on the battlefield serves to keep both the borders, as well as the honor, of Seleone intact. She has been served well by the Might and Power of "name" who has demonstrated their skill to Our pleasure. It is therefore right that we should induct this gentle into the Order of the Silvestris Sword and Shield.

Order of Griffon’s Pepperpot

The bellies of the populace must be filled! The culinary arts are a cornerstone of Seleone's Foundation on which all others are built. "Name" has been in our kitchen's, filled our flagons and satisfied our hunger. Therefore it is right that we recognize her with the Order of Griffons Pepper Pot

Baron(ess) Foregere

Heavy are the roles and responsibilities of The Coronet. One among our subjects has with courtesy and chivalry, aided Our tasks, and justly deserves Our praise and gratitude.

Golden Sea Turtle

Given for extraordinary service displayed by one individual for another in need.

The Order of the Jeweled Seashell

Given to recognize long and diligent service to the Barony. It is intended for those who work tirelessly to help others learn and grow within the Barony, help run the Barony through many years of holding (often many different) offices, and for doing all the many things that make our Barony shine. The Order is also a polling order and the members of the Order should meet at least annually to discuss induction of new members into the Order and to advise the Baronage of their recommendations.

The Gilded Lantern

As wayward travelers ofttimes look for a distant light to guide them and help them find their way in unfamiliar lands, so too do those newly discovering our golden shores need guidance and a friendly voice to introduce them to our society and our great Barony. This task falls upon us all, but one has caught Our notice and earned our highest regards in this endeavor. To encourage this and create inspiration in others, we wish to name to the Order of the Gilded Lantern. May you continue to welcome those who find our shores and be a guiding light to lead them into our midst.
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